The Kidderminster-based company has recently launched the Sundowner Bar, a new structure aimed at publicans looking to provide an outoor sheltered environment for drinkers wanting to smoke, with a second product, the Smoking Cube, due to follow in the coming months.

The Sundowner Bar features a thatched roof, a decking-style base and matching bar stools and, according to Mr Poyner, is a multi-purpose structure “with a host of applications” beyond being a smoker’s reprieve, including as a temporary outdoor bar.

Mr Poyner said that the development of the products had been driven by demand from landlords that the company had encountered at trade shows, although he added that the company had only sold around a dozen to date.

He said this was because the smoking ban would not be felt by M&M Timber and the rest of the industry until late September/October, when the summer came to an end.

For more on the impact of the smoking ban on the timber trade, see the next issue of TTJ.