The agency said about 1.5 million m3 of timber in southern Sweden forests was damaged when the storm Simone (called St Jude in UK) hit. This compares to 75 million m3 when the storm Gudrun hit in 2005 and 4-5 million m3 when Dagmar hit a year ago.

The provinces of Skåne and Kronoberg were the worst affected, each suffering damage estimated at 450,000-550,000m3. Other provinces suferring notable wood losses were Halland (160,000-190,000m3) and Blekinge (150,000-170,000m3).

An agency spokesperson told TTJ that spruce was the most affected species.

A more recent storm, dubbed Hilde, was lashing northern Sweden over the weekend, with gusts of more than 100mph. A class two weather warning was issued for the northern coastal areas of Norrbotten and Vaesterbotten.

The agency said it was too early to assess damage from the latest storm.