Taking responsible sourcing seriously and helping protect the environment is something we have always believed is very important. We’ve had FSC and PEFC accreditation for many years. We are a signatory to WWF’s Forest Campaign and also a member of the Timber Trade Federation, including taking part in its Forest Forever Committee.

Plaut became involved in trade with Indonesia in the early 1980s and has become closely associated with its producers. Our products include plywood and wooden doors, door components and mouldings.

Indonesia’s reputation was tarnished by illegal logging, but it has been working in earnest to restore its image. FLEGT-licensing is the culmination of its efforts.

Plaut never shied away from working with and promoting Indonesian producers facing these challenges and several mills attained FSC accreditation. FLEGT is the icing on the cake. It allows continued association with Indonesia, its products and people, showing that it has got to grips with illegal logging. Factories that survived the last 10 years are now stronger for the experience. They’ve had more investment, are technically competent and offer reliable service levels.

For buyers seeking quality, technical products, Indonesia’s GSP (generalised scheme of preferences) status, FSC certifi ation of some suppliers and now FLEGT licensing make it a really viable source.

It is now our job to spread the message to our customers. There’s no FLEGT brand (similar to EUTR), so how can the profi le of Indonesian licensed products be increased? Customer education is key.

If the UK has, correctly in my view, spent £40m supporting Indonesia’s progress to FLEGT licensing, what can we do to advertise this? This latest news does clarifi y the market position of Indonesia producers – it means serious exporting mills can be certified and not undermined by others which don’t have SVLK legality assurance accreditation.

These mills are investing in technology and making efficiency savings rather than using unclassified raw materials.

We welcome interaction with other countries working towards FLEGT licensing