Norbord‘s Sterling OSB is to be used in a drive to push the smartroof structural insulated panel (SIPs) roofing solution into the UK housebuilding market.

RK Timber Engineerng will use Sterling OSB for large-volume production of smartroof, which features OSB3 boards fixed to TR26 timber joists to create an interlocking panel system.

The OSB will be supplied from Norbord’s factory in Genk, Belgium, which is able to supply single sheets long enough for the production of smartroof.

“Smartroof requires a single long sheet in order to achieve the structural strength required,” said David Himmons, smartroof director.

“Unlike most SIPs, in which a rigid foam insulation gives the panel its strength, the OSB is the main structural element of the smartroof system.”

Smartroof is a joint venture between software specialist Wolf Systems and timber engineering firm Wyckham Blackwell, and is able to create a complete roof structure in a day compared to three weeks for traditional methods according to Mr Himmons.