A new £31m terminal facility is to be built at the Port of Tilbury by Forth Ports plc specifically for Stora Enso.

The two companies have signed a 15-year agreement which will enable Stora Enso to use the port primarily for the handling of newsprint and other paper products from Sweden and Finland.

However, Mike Hutchinson, managing director of Stora Enso Transport and Distribution Ltd, said timber also could become part of the deal, adding: “It has yet to be decided.”

The new facility will encompass a general purpose 23,500m2 warehouse, an automated warehouse of more than 10,000m2, a rail cross dock facility comprising a 4,500m2 warehouse with associated storage and marshalling areas, and the future provision of a wastepaper transfer facility of around 3,000m2.

The facility is expected to open in July 2005 and will create more jobs at the Port of Tilbury.