Stora Enso updates EPDs for products

4 December 2023

Stora Enso has reported lower product carbon footprints for many of its wood products as verified by transparent third parties in their Environmental Product Declarations (EPD).

The updated EDPs for Stora Enso’s cross-laminated timber (CLT), laminated veneer lumber (LVL), and Sylva CLT and LVL Ribs all show a reduction in emissions, which Stora Enso says makes it easier than before to meet construction environmental goals.

EPDs provide unbiased product information based on objective scientific analysis. They include details on products’ environmental impacts, use of resources and waste production during their life cycle. The information is based on a standardised methodology and verified by an independent third party. 

EPDs for CLT and Sylva CLT Rib now include Zdirec mill. The quality of results is improved, as the data received via internal reporting systems and from mills are more detailed. 

This means for example a more precise consideration of heat and electricity mixes and more specific data from Stora Enso’s suppliers. 

“It is thanks to the increased environmental awareness that more and more of our suppliers are now starting to provide this more specific data which helps us reach more reliable and better results,” the company said.