Within 24 hours of losing £500,000 worth of stock in a fire at its distribution depot on the Hunslett Trading Estate, Leeds on April 22, STP Group was trading as normal.

The fire completely destroyed the joinery specialist’s warehouse. Ron Cohen, STP Group‘s group managing director was full of praise for depot manager Phil Dutton who ensured the nine people in the building got out safely.

Mr Cohen said: “The fire took hold very quickly, and at this stage we don’t know how it started other than that it was outside the building.”

Other depots within the group responded quickly to the emergency and Mr Cohen said: “We were trading as normal within 24 hours and should have moved into temporary premises this week. Meanwhile we are making deliveries from our depot in Manchester.

“We will be able to replace the stock but it is going to take time and will probably create a need to increase production in the future to make up the loss.”

As well as stock the Leeds depot has lost all its computers and office furniture and equipment. Mr Cohen said: “Fortunately our computer system is centralised so we can see exactly what stock we have lost.

“The premises, which we rent, are going to be rebuilt and we will move back. Meanwhile, the main message to our customers is that we are up and running again, so continue to make the calls.”