The Structural Timber Association (STA) also used its AGM on May 21 to publicly endorse the Supply Chain Payment Charter, published by the Construction Leadership Council, and is encouraging members to sign up to it.

The NSCC’s Fair Payment Campaign is calling for timely payment and the elimination of retentions throughout the supply chain to improve the quality and delivery of construction projects.

"We are asking all our members to consider signing up to the aims of the Fair Payment Campaign as well as asking their contractors and customers to do the same," said STA chief executive Andrew Carpenter.

"With so many small businesses within the construction industry, measures such as the Supply Chain Payment Charter are imperative, and will raise the bar in bringing consistency and quality to our sector."

"Having respected trade associations like the STA on board goes a long way to helping us achieve best practice, industry-wide," said NSCC chief executive Suzannah Nichol.