Five students have successfully completed a pilot sawmilling NVQ2 course at Barony College, Dumfries.

The NVQ2 course was launched in response to a need for sawmilling training according to the college, with the curriculum including work-based training and distance learning.

Jason Mitchell and Kenny Baird, from James Kingan and Sons Ltd; Robert Lamont, of Howie Forest Products Ltd; Joe Huntly, from James Brown and Sons; and John McCallum, of Adam Wilson & Sons Ltd, were the first to achieve the full award. Darren McCue, from James Brown, and Howie’s Andrew McKnight also received individual sawmilling module certificates.

Mr McCallum has used the NVQ2 to undertake further learning, including two distance learning courses with Napier University, and is employed as sawmill foreman at Adam Wilson. “The positive experience undertaking the course Barony College provided spurred me on to take further qualifications,” he said.