The mill, jointly owned by SCA and Persson Invest, will mean an increase of production in the sawmill and an end to the present transport of sawn timber from Gällö to Stugun for drying.

“This is wonderful news for us at Gällö Timber”, said Urban Wiklund, managing director of Gällö Timber. “With this investment we will increase our annual production from slightly more than 300,000m3 to 350,000m3.

This means that our competitiveness will increase and that our owners believe in us and our continued development.”

The investment comprises a new boiler that will use the residue products from the sawmill as fuel and produce the energy needed for the sawmill’s operation, and a TC-kiln of the same kind as has already been installed in SCA’s sawmills in Bollsta and Tunadal.

Today roughly 50,000m3 of sawn timber is transported from Gällö Timber to Stugun for drying. A substantial part of this is further refined through planing and painting.