MagnumBoard, a construction panel made from laminated OSB4 layers, has seen its acoustically tested insulating wall and ceiling modules extended to 19 – nine ceiling modules and ten wall modules – tested by Ift Rosenheim.

Panels are made up to 18m long and are designed to make lastingly airtight building constructions with a minimum of joints, while also ensuring fast, efficient construction.

To ensure the panels effectively prevent sound transmission between adjacent terraced houses, Swiss Krono requested Ift Rosenheim to test corresponding party wall constructions.

The company says an appropriately designed module with 175mm-thick MagnumBoard has an airborne sound reduction coefficient (Rw) of 73dB and a transmitted impact sound coefficient (Ln,w ) of 43dB.

Meanwhile, Ift Rosenheim has issued an F60-B fire protection test certificate for MagnumBoard OSB. 

A 125mm thick loadbearing wall for interior or exterior use with a maximum height of 3.8m based on its European Technical Approval (ETA) was tested. 

The wall was exposed to fire on one side in accordance with DIN 4102-2:1977-09. The results show that a wall of this type resists exposure to flame for 60 minutes without requiring any additional covering. It can be used with all kinds of interior coverings and external thermal insulation as well as various exterior cladding types.

The official test certificate clears the way for using 125mm thick MagnumBoard in most German states, also for interior, dividing and party walls, lift shafts, and loadbearing walls and also in taller buildings.