Peel-off protective film for flooring boards is helping housebuilders conform to recent building regulation legislation, according to Merseyside-based manufacturer Trade Fabrication Systems (TFS).

When laid and taped the polypropylene or polyethylene coated flooring boards give a safe, cost-effective and watertight surface.

One user is Westbury Homes which is installing TFS coated boards at a Merseyside housing project.

Site manager Scott Christie said: “On some sites the flooring can be exposed for up to three weeks. That can cause a lot of mess from the wet trades and the climate, especially in winter.

“An immediate advantage of flooring covered with protective film is that we can be safe in the knowledge that the flooring surface is not being damaged. The coating is also durable enough to sweep the floor and scrape up any excess debris. At the end of the project we can save up to a day’s worth of sweeping and cleaning of the floor by simply peeling off the film – a task that can take around only 20 minutes.”

The result, he said, was a floor that was as good as new.

A recent innovation from the company is an omni-directional grained film that provides a slip resistant surface for workers.