The Forest Trust (TFT) has helped steer another three Indonesian forest products companies to third-party legality verification (TPV).

The organisation says that this will enable the companies to comply with Indonesia’s SVLK environmental certification standard. It will also give European buyers assurance on legal sourcing prior to the country’s licensing scheme under the EU Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) timber legality initiative becoming operational.

The successfully audited companies are forest concession holders PT Rizki Kacida Reana of East Kalimantan and PT Salaki Mandiri Sejhateera of Sami, Papua, and Semarang wood processor CV Dwipa Mandiri Bersama.

“The TPV audits represent a culmination of our work with the companies,” said the TFT. “It is also a strong finish for the EU-funded Timber Trade Action Plan project in Indonesia, with a total of 10 legally verified supply chains and three more awaiting their certificates to be issued, contributing to an increasing flow of legal product to consumer markets.”