Mr Murray will be focusing on developing the forestry and harvesting business alongside district manager Julian Hollingdale and harvesting colleagues.

Since joining Tilhill Forestry at the start of 2017 Mr Murray has returned to the north-east where he gained wide-ranging experience working as a forester for the majority of a 21-year forestry career.

His new role will be to help farmers and land owners, who already own woodland, in guiding them through the process to ensure they gain the best value from their asset. This could be by helping to realise the value of their timber through to seeing the opportunities available to utilise the woodland in order to gain amenity value.   

“I am particularly keen to hear from forest owners who have woodlands, probably planted in the late 1990s that are now ready for their first thinning at around 18 to 20 years old,” said Mr Murray. “Most woodlands in Aberdeenshire are suitable for thinning and this realises an early income from the crop, helps future valuable saw logs develop and maximises the overall return from each forest rotation.”

With timber prices potentially reaching a peak and strong demand for all products from logs through to biomass now is the best possible time to get these woodlands thinned, added Tilhill.