A Hertfordshire timber and fencing product supplier is appealing against the decision of a small claims court to award £3,000 compensation to a customer whose hardwood decking warped.

Steve Burleigh from Ware-based 414 Timber and Fencing said if the decision stood it could act as a precedent and have “a very profound” effect on the timber market”.

Mr Burleigh told TTJ he was appealing against the decision primarily as a matter of principle and explained that the balau decking in question had been in situ for a year when it warped, breaking off screws in the process.

The decking was installed in a private domestic installation. The customer paid for a technical report from TRADA, which concluded that the balau had not been dried correctly.

Mr Burleigh said the court decision required the company to refund the money for the deck, as well as the costs of erection and the TRADA report.

He said that he routinely warned customers of the possibility of hardwood decking moving.