Timber Construction Europe welcomes Institute of Carpenters

14 June 2022

The European umbrella organisation Timber Construction Europe (TCE) has agreed a one-year trial membership with the British Institute of Carpenters (IOC).

The IOC, based in Wendover, UK, was founded in 1890. It represents the interests of professionals in the British woodworking trade.

"We are very pleased to welcome the Institute of Carpenters as another partner in our European umbrella organisation," said Peter Aicher, Timber Construction Europe president. "I am convinced that the joint exchange will be an enrichment for our work at TCE and that we will receive important impulses for our projects such as the European Qualification Framework.

Moreover, the broader we are positioned, the more we will be heard in politics,” continued Mr Aicher. “For example, when it comes to ensuring that the interests of European timber construction are taken into account in the development of norms and standards."

"Timber construction is becoming increasingly important and this brings new challenges and opportunities for our industry,” added Geoff Rhodes, IOC president. “As a member of Timber Construction Europe, we are pleased to strengthen timber construction connections on a European level. To this end, we are contributing our know-how and many years of experience to the work of the European umbrella organisation."

TCE is mainly concerned with optimising the legal and normative market access conditions for timber construction and acts in two thematic focus areas: education and technology. This goal is achieved through knowledge transfer, research and development, and standardisation work.

Peter Aiche, is president of Timber Construction Europe
Geoff Rhodes is president of the IOC