The structure, which comprised home-grown Douglas fir and larch, illustrated the individual components in the brand – beams, cladding, decking, tongue and groove boards, and sleepers – and Timeless Timber Buildings. As well as gazebos, these include garages, car ports and out buildings which are supplied as flat packs.

The Timeless range also includes Brushwood decking and sleepers which have been ‘brushed’ to pick up the grain.

"We wanted to create strong product brands where we’re recognised by our customer base but also by their customers," said group marketing manager Eve Johnson.

"We need to start thinking more about what the end user wants but we won’t sell to them direct; we’ll pass them on to the merchant/distributor."

The Timeless brand is a "more visual, aesthetic range", said Ms Johnson, and it maximises the value of home-grown species.

BSW has produced a brochure for stockists, and a dedicated website and installation guide.

The Timeless range has already been exhibited at country shows, including the Confor Woodland Show and the Royal Welsh Show – one of Europe’s biggest agricultural shows.

"It’s inspired a lot of interest," said director of public affairs Hamish Macleod. "It’s great dealing with the public about timber; there’s a lot of interest in it and what it can be used for."

He added that during Grown in Britain Week, from October 14-19, BSW would be hosting tours around its new Fort William mill.