New figures from the UK Timber Frame Association reveal timber frame housing captured almost 20% of all new housing in 2005 and will reach 25% by 2008.

Chief executive Bryan Woodley said the figures were evidence of a firm acceptance of timber frame as a modern method of construction.

“The client community are increasingly considering timber frame from the outset of the project and are therefore getting the significant advantages it can deliver,” he said.

Despite weakening demand for new housing and uncertainty over the direction of house price, timber frame volumes soared by 15% last year.

“We expect the total number of new home starts in 2006 to be a bit better than 2005,” said Mr Woodley. “And the picture for timber frame will continue to be positive – I believe we will see unit growth of about 15% next year.”

The value of timber frame manufacture has also risen 12.5% to a new high in the UK, estimated at £487m in 2005.