Cuxhaven-based Cuxship Management GmbH, which owns the MV Danio, pleaded guilty at Bedlington Magistrates Court on January 27 to contravening regulations by its crew failing to maintain a proper lookout on March 16, 2013 and for a failure in regard to the ship’s safety management system.

The court committed the case for sentencing at Newcastle Crown Court on March 3.

The MV Danio had been carrying 1,500 tonnes of logs from Perth to Antwerp when it ran aground on the Farne Islands. Crew had to stay on the ship for nearly two weeks as bad weather prevented rescue and refloating operations.

At the time fears were expressed that the ship’s diesel could cause serious environmental problems for the islands’ seabird and seal population.

The MV Danio was eventually refloated and safely towed away for repairs.

Investigators from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency, which brought the court case, found that a bridge safety alarm system had been switched off.