Timber Trade Federation members of staff will be growing moustaches in November to raise money towards the fight against cancer and are encouraging others in the trade to follow suit.

Federation staff are signing up to the Movember initiative, where men are sponsored to raise money in the fight against prostate and testicular cancer.

TTF sustainability executive Anand Punja said the TTF will be doing some promotional work with its members about Movember and will try to get some other sister organisations to spread the word among its members.

Mr Punja has registered a team page on Movember’s website called Timber Trade Tash’s.

A gala party will be held in November 25 for participants.

Funds raised will go towards The Prostate Cancer Charity and the Institute of Cancer Research.

“Through our annual campaign and funded programmes we will significantly increase the understanding of the health risks that men face and encourage men to act on that knowledge,” said a Movember spokesperson.

Timber traders signing up for the fund-raising can keep TTJ updated by contacting spowney@ttjonline.com

For more information on Movember visit http://uk.movember.com/ or contact apunja@ttf.co.uk