TRADA and BRE have agreed to exchange information to ensure findings from research projects are more widely circulated.

The agreement between TRADA Technology Ltd and BRE Bookshop is expected to help the organisations attract funding for research by using accessible information to demonstrate that their work has a practical application in the market.

TRADA members will receive timber-related BRE papers and guides in their regular mailings, while subscribers to the BRE monthly Connect information service will be sent relevant TRADA publications.

BRE’s information paper “Incising UK-grown Sitka spruce” and the latest TRADA wood information sheet on fire doors will be the first documents to be exchanged.

BRE Bookshop managing director Ross Sturley said: “While BRE and TRADA might be seen to be competing for research funding, it is crucial for both organisations to ensure that research findings are widely distributed to the right audience.”

TRADA head of information Jeremy Vibert said: “Our agreement with BRE is an important step for the construction industry as a whole, as between us we reach right across the supply chain.”