The Building Centre meeting on June 13, attended by about 30 members, saw TTF chief executive John White and outgoing Forests Forever chairman Peter Winter spell out the importance of the EUTR.

Mr White clearly warned traders of the implications of taking the EUTR too lightly, with less than a year before it comes into force.

"The industry at large may think the EUTR is just another EU law and they don’t need to pay attention to it," he said.

"But those companies who get caught out, go to court and get punished will tarnish the image of this industry which we have worked so hard to create."

He said the industry’s good environmental sourcing and promotional work had switched public institutions onto wood, such as Hackney’s plans for a "Wood First" policy.

The concrete, steel and plastic industries, Mr White warned, would make capital out of any timber company EUTR prosecutions.

"We can’t jeopardise our reputation with a cock-eyed attitude to the EUTR."

Meawhile, Mr White also said the TTF "keenly felt" the economic headwinds being faced by members.

"Uncertainty remains and is like a dark phantom in the corner of the room holding back confidence. A new phantom – the euro – is now gazing across the room at his brother."

TTF staff were thanked for their efforts in the past year, while a 10% growth in membership so far in 2012 – including the return of Timbmet and International Timber – was highlighted.

Mr White said a primary focus for the TTF was now demand-side issues, as detailed in the federation’s Five-Year Plan.

The AGM saw Martin Gale voted in as president for a third term, with SCA Timber’s Stephen King taking over in 2013. T Brewer’s Keith Fryer is the new treasurer and SCA’s Bob Bastow becomes new Forests Forever chairman.