The aim of the campaign, launched at the start of the year, is to increase use of native wood, and by connection UK woodland cover.

As part of its efforts to "support and fully align" with the initiative, Travis Perkins is testing a new product range featuring more home-grown carcassing, with the stated result that it will reduce reliance on imported material.

"Not only will this support high quality UK timber, and the rich range of services provided by Britain’s forest and woodlands, but it will provide increased price competiveness for the benefit of customers," said the company’s official announcement.

"The current pilot implements an improved product range, clear merchandising, and competitive pricing, all with the very clear additional benefit of using British carcassing suppliers where possible," said product group director Simon Pearson.

He added that larger branches are being encouraged to "source directly and more economically".

"Smaller trade counters will buy predominately from Travis Perkins’ internal Timber Supply Centres," he said.

The focus will also be on product presentation, with new displays including quality battening, fencing improved racking and with clear labelling and planograms to help customer selection.

There will also be additional staff training.

"Grown in Britain aims to change how timber is sustainably sourced and used in the UK by focusing on preferential consideration of home-grown product at procurement and increasing the number of woodlands in management," said Grown in Britain chief executive Dougal Driver.

"Pulling more products through the supply chain will support the rural economy and provide jobs, as well as investing in the societal benefits of woodlands and forests in this country, providing better management for product, people, and biodiversity."