Nearly 80 leaders of member companies attended the conference in Birmingham, in person after a gap of two years, to hear presentations on the most likely disruptions and hottest topics facing the sector. 

Modern methods of construction, changes in the future housing market, Net Zero and the impact of ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) issues were discussed. Presentations were also made about the new training programmes being developed for TRA members both in-house and in collaboration with higher education providers at New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering (NMITE).

“With the traditional, onsite subcontractor labour model seeming to struggle to supply the Government’s housing targets, a new model for delivering high quality, low carbon, offsite manufactured homes is now a policy priority,” said TRA chief executive Nick Boulton.

 “This will impact on the types of products required from TRA members and on their standard business model, but I believe provides potentially the most significant business opportunity that TRA members have seen in the last decade.”

 Mark Farmer of Cast Consultancy returned to speak to TRA members after five years and reiterated the need to innovate or die, referring to the businesses that may not withstand the pressures of Brexit, Covid and now the war in Ukraine. 

He said the industry needed to become more resilient to the effects these issues have had on the supply chain and be less dependent on labour through increased use of MMC and pre-manufactured value.