Several members of the Timber Trade Federation were this week facing expulsion for failing to make Responsible Purchasing Policy (RPP) submissions for the previous year.

At a recent TTF National Hardwood Division meeting, members heard that 12 companies had been warned they had until March 31 to make their RPP submissions or they would have to leave the TTF.

TTF chief executive John White said this week that there were still a few companies with outstanding RPP submissions and the TTF would make a full statement in due course.

If companies are expelled after March 31, it will be the second time this year that The Federation has taken this action. Two TTF members were expelled in January for failing to implement RPP after earlier been suspended.

“For the present time it is not appropriate, but when the EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) becomes law, then the TTF will name and shame those companies that become expelled,” the TTF said following the National Hardwood Division meeting.

New TTF National Panel Products Division chairman Chris Sutton recently advocated the “naming and shaming” of companies who were expelled from the TTF.

The TTF has also reminded members of the threshold increase from 95% to 100% for which member companies qualify for the Fast Track RPP and, to meet the requirements of the EUTR, to undertake due diligence on products prior to contract.

Under the EUTR traders are obliged to conduct due diligence using a recognised third party audited systematic assessment process, such as the RPP.