New enforcement procedures will become effective on August 1 and are designed to help the RPP become more consistently implemented to ultimately allow the TTF to develop a chain of custody type system for the RPP.

The TTF has revised enforcement of non conformances and corrective action requests, with enforcement now being broadened to take account of performance, encourage improvement and sit more effectively alongside a revised audit checklist.

Late submissions will now lead to an immediate six-week membership suspension, during which time the issue “must be resolved”.

Spot audits of members that submit due diligence systems through the fast track route will also take place, with costs covered by the TTF in a bid to ensure due diligence quality is consistent across the membership.

Spot audits will apply to TTF members purchasing only risk managed products under operator status.

The TTF will let members know if their RPP is to be audited. For more on this story see the next issue of TTJ.