UK entry to the euro is not proving to be a big issue with the timber trade despite Gordon Brown’s long-awaited announcement ruling out joining the currency for the near future.

The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) and British Woodworking Federation (BWF) have experienced little feedback or concern from members and, as a result, do not currently have an official position on the issue.

The TTF’s head of public affairs Mark O’Brien said: “It’s not something we have spent much time discussing. I’ve only been in one meeting where views on the euro were expressed.”

BWF director Richard Lambert said the federation was only likely to take a position on joining the single currency if it was to have a serious economic impact on the timber/woodworking industry.

Chief executive of the UK Timber Frame Association Bryan Woodley said Gordon Brown’s comments on the need to improve the planning process had implications for the housing industry. He said planning delays and restrictions were a major concern to members.