The structural insulated panels body, which was formed in 2009 with 10 members, is dissolving and its 60 members will integrate into the STA.

The first meeting of the enlarged group will be at the STA annual meeting on May 7, said STA chairman Lawrence Young. A SIPs working group will be created within the STA and UKSIPS vice-chairman, Peter Barr of SIPCO will join the main STA board.

"I am pleased to be welcoming our colleagues from UKSIPS – something we have been discussing for some time now. They will bring technical expertise, quality standards and significant insights that will play a pivotal role in our ongoing services to the construction sector," Mr Young said.

Charles Stewart, outgoing chairman of UKSIPS, said: "By joining forces we are demonstrating both the diversity and the clout our various trechnologies have within construction as a whole. We look forward to continue to champion the ‘fabric first’ agenda."

The STA, which was formed last year out of the UK Timber Frame Association, is creating a platform to which timber people can gravitate, Mr Young said. "We recognised some time ago that we represented only a part of structural timber and we all had little contact.

"We are trying to develop a common lobby for timber in construction and get efficiencies by putting all timber-related marketing on one level."

Mr Young said the process was ongoing, but the agenda was for "talking" rather than takeovers and mergers of trade bodies. He said, however, that the change in direction had its doubters within the STA.

"When you bring change at the rate and pace we have, it is difficult to take everyone with you and we are talking to a small number of people about this."

He added: "Timber frame is not represented one jot less and timber frame, cross-laminated timber and SIPs are working together and the level of hybrid work in the market place is increasing."