An all-timber open web floor joist system, believed to be the market – leading engineered joist in the US market, is gearing up to make inroads in the UK.

ITW Alpine has signed up three fabricators to produce the product, which features angled timber offcuts as the web, and is now preparing to hit the market in a “big way”, according to sales and marketing manager Paul Wash.

Known in the US as System 42, the all-timber joist is being marketed in the UK under the FloorTrus brand, with The Floor Joist Company (Northern) in Newcastle the first company to manufacture the product. Timber Frame Services in Shrewsbury and Nuneaton Floor Joist Company have also become licensed fabricators, with other companies expected to be recruited soon.

“We’re putting a lot of time and resources into becoming a real force in this market,” said Mr Walsh.

ITW Alpine is also looking to bring a version of FloorTrus to the builders merchant and self-build market called Trim Trus, which can be purchased over the counter and trimmed by 600mm on site.

“If you are a self-builder and you have to put the floor in, you do not want have to wait two weeks for it to be designed and engineered,” said Mr Walsh. “Instead, you can come into your local builders merchant.

“We think it will change the market, but it will take a lot of time. Over the next 12 months we will be pushing it hard.”

ITW Alpine, which has also launched a metal web flooring system called SpaceJoist, hopes its diversification into engineered floors will boost its nail plate business.