The first long-term warranty for a coating on Medite Tricoya modified MDF has been introduced by Teknos.

Tha coatings specialist is guaranteeing its products’ performance for up to 12 years on exterior joinery, roofline products, panels and cladding, subject to exposure conditions. The warranties apply where the product has been fully factory finished with Teknos-approved systems and cover embrittlement, flaking, or cracking of the coating system resulting from a coating manufacturing fault.

The company says that coated exterior Medite Tricoya joinery should give a minimum service life and give a longer maintenance cycle. A product in a sheltered location subject to mild exposure will only need maintaining every 12 years, while even those in the most exposed and weather-beaten location will require maintenance only every six.

Medite Tricoya product manager Peter Clifton welcomed Teknos’ move.

“Many coatings companies are carryng out trials with Medite Tricoya, but Teknos is the first to issue an industry-leading warranty. They got to understand the product’s unique performance characteristics and have really demonstrated confidence in the product,” he said.