A Weeke BHC360 CNC machining centre has allowed specialist joinery firm Poundall Joinery Manufacturers to increase its bespoke product offering and open up new markets.

Nottingham-based Poundall said that the machine is being used to carry out intricate routing on doors and windows that it was unable to supply by hand, while also allowing it to produce complete doorsets in its factory.

This includes the installation of hinges, locks and other hardware, as well as vision panels, letter flaps, peep holes and vents.

Poundall is using Weeke’s woodWOP computer-aided manufacturing software to drive the Weeke BHC360, with members of its production team undertaking training at Homag.

“We are gaining the confidence to take on projects that would not have been possible for us before and the more we do so the more customers are asking of us – new markets are opening up as a result of investing in this machine,” said office manager Steve Poundall.