The main Weinig brand will increasingly be applied to machines from all the company’s manufacturing subsidiaries.

Currently the Weinig Group comprises a range of different brands focused on specific wood processing sectors; including saw specialist Raimann, finger-jointing machine and cross-cut maker GreCon Dimter and planer producer Waco.

“It won’t happen overnight, but in a gradual process these other brands will give way to the main Weinig logo,” said Michael Weinig UK managing director Neil Forbes.

He said there were several reasons for the new strategy.

“It simplifies our international marketing and corporate image, but also there is a trend towards selling packages of machinery for integrated production line solutions; for instance a moulder with a cross-cut and a finger-jointer, plus the associated handling equipment,” he said. “It makes sense to provide all these machines under one brand.”

The aim is also to make it easier to introduce new technologies into particular markets.

“For instance, in the UK, finger-jointing is now starting to take off, and we’re also selling more cross-cuts,” said Mr Forbes. “Rather than market these machines under the GreCon Dimter and Raimann names, which are less familiar here, it’s better to use the Weinig brand which is already well-known and trusted.”