Weyerhaeuser‘s Medite Exterior MDF was under the scrutiny of millions last week as it formed an integral part of one of the Chelsea Flower Show’s small gardens.

Blades, which was awarded a silver medal in the Chic Gardens category, was the design of architect and designer Barry Mayled, a long-time user of Medite Exterior in shopfronts and exterior housing elements.

The design, a floral tribute to Britain’s world-beating prowess in rowing, featured Medite Exterior seating (incorporating curved elements of Neatform Bendy MDF), seating enclosures and fencing. All were finished in light or dark blue – a reference to the annual University Boat Race.

The Medite Exterior fencing comprised 18mm-thick panels joined by tongue and groove joints, with 13mm Medite Exterior strips pinned and glued to cover each joint.

The choice of MDF fulfilled the remit of the Chic Garden section which called for new ideas, modern materials and planting for an urban environment with imaginative and innovative design. “Medite Exterior is already being used for a variety of garden applications including furniture, conservatory components and the cladding of free-standing structures such as sheds and garden offices,” said Weyerhaeuser marketing and sales director Geoff Rhodes.

“But I’m sure there will be some people surprised to see it used in such an emphatic way. No doubt there will be visitors who will take away ideas for its use in their own gardens.”