Weyerhaeuser has developed a self-draining system for its OSB floor panels to boost product performance during construction delays.

Its Edge Gold OSB panels, which already featured a green-coloured edge seal, now include “Down Pore” – three specially shaped drainage grooves on one of the narrow ends of each 8x4ft panel.

Weyerhaeuser says the design allows water to drain even if panels are not properly gapped.

“Preventing standing water reduces water absorption and helps maintain the floor system’s integrity,” it said.

The company said the drainage channels reduced drying time needed before installing finishing materials.

Edge Gold’s edge seal formulation is designed to reduce edge swell, while pre-printed templates also feature for accurate fastener placement.

“No sand” guarantees on the product have been extended from 90 days to 200 days and Weyerhaeuser also provides a 50-year limited warranty.