The contract to supply the new Scottish Parliament with timber windows is not to be tendered despite the existing supplier going into liquidation.

The Holyrood project’s director, Sarah Davidson, said this week that excessive cost meant she would not be putting out to tender the supply of timber for the £230m building. The existing supplier, the UK arm of US-based Flour City, had been paid almost £1m at the time it went into liquidation last month.

Scottish Timber Trade Association secretary David Sulman said that his members were angry at the refusal to re-tender.

He added: ‘How this could be allowed to happen is beyond our comprehension. Right at the beginning, they [the Scottish Executive] were calling my members asking their advice on specifications for the various contracts and, understandably, members thought some work might have come from that.

‘Now we are told the work will not be re-tendered, which leaves our members out in the cold.’