The promotional initiative to pool the resources and expertise of timber marketing campaigns and organisations across Europe, was launched by the European Timber Trade Federation and European Organisation of Sawmills late last year. Its first project is the EU Wood Growing Cities, a promotional campaign which is developing a marketing ‘toolbox’ for the industry to use to highlight the environmental and performance benefits of using wood in urban construction.

Twenty-five delegates from timber promotional bodies backing the initiative across Europe convened at the Building Centre in London for the EWP AGM. Over two days, they discussed examples of timber marketing best practice from across Europe, focusing on which aspects of Wood Growing Cities could be adopted on a pan-European level.

"By aligning industry communications, we have a chance to promote a really positive message about construction, industry, economics and the environment in every country in Europe," said David Hopkins, head of communications for the TTF and Wood for Good.

"It should make media, policy makers and specifiers alike sit up and take notice and we look forward to helping shape and launch this campaign."