Timber furniture is being made for the Pope’s visit in September after timber traders responded to a Timber Trade Federation (TTF) call to supply wood for the project.

A spokesperson for joinery manufacturer NEJ Stevenson said that the items were now in production. They include a celebrant chair, two server chairs, tabernacle stand, lectern, altar, eight congregation chairs and eight kneelers.

The opportunity to supply European oak for the project was billed as a significant PR opportunity for companies taking part.

The TTF had emailed members with the specification required by Neil Stevenson who wanted first quality of even colour with regular grain, with the wood coming from as few logs as possible and with wane removed.

Timber suppliers are not being paid for the wood, thought to be worth £1,500-2,500, but are being promised PR in exchange.

Arbor Forest Products training and QA manager Peter Kelly, who was co-ordinating the supply, believes the PR opportunities will be considerable.

Manufacturer Neil Stevenson, who is also giving his services free, had sought 8ft-plus sections. Quantities required were 12ft³ of 62mm product, 8ft³ of 50mm and 20ft³ of 25mm.

The furniture will be installed in the Papal Nuncio’s residence at Windsor for the visit on September 16-19.