“It feels fantastic that the company is establishing itself on the other side of the globe,” said Thomas Bengtsson, founder of Woodsafe. “The demand for our services speaks for itself and I foresee new Woodsafe facilities continuing to be developed around the world.

“The trend to build with sustainable, climate-neutral products continues to grow and be demanded by architects and customers alike worldwide,” he continued. “With our exclusive collaboration with Fireshield, New Zealand and Australia will benefit from the innovative, environmentally-friendly and fully fire compliant Woodsafe processes.” 

Fireshield was founded by Per Olsson, an expert fire engineer with over 25 years global experience, to satisfy the South Pacific’s growing need for innovative, environmentally friendly, fire protection solutions. With both Woodsafe PRO and Woodsafe Exterior WFX technology in its new portfolio, Fireshield said it is excited to continue lead the fire protection of timber in Australasia.