Mr Ferguson, also the former managing director of Beaumont Forest Products, has been planning the project for the past five years and is hopeful that he can present a new way for the industry to buy and sell timber.

The business-to-business platform connects members (buyers) with partners (sellers), connecting the likes of importers, agents, distributors and merchants.

“It’s an idea that has always been with me in the background. We’ve built an online tool that I would have loved to use,” said Mr Ferguson.

Other industries use similar online platforms to find products, compare them and connect with sellers, and Mr Ferguson said the launch of coincides with the change in expectations of industry buyers to create awareness to both sides of the buy-supply community.

Significant investment has taken place on a versatile user-friendly e-business platform, with features including real-time stock inventories for sellers.

“I think can remove barriers to trading and assist merchants to secure orders for non-stock items by having a tool that displays real-time product availability. The industry is ready to embrace new levels of competence and we want to help,” said Mr Ferguson.

Mr Ferguson said the system would allow buyers to easily search for specific products, such as certified timber without need to make multiple calls to find availability and engage in lengthy price negotiations.

“The feedback so far has been really positive,” he added.