The Wood Panel Industries Federation and the Wood Recyclers’ Association have joined forces to boost wood recycling – and stop it going to landfill.

Both organisations would like to see the government take stronger action to drive more waste out of landfill and bring the UK in line with Europe on wood recycling.

With the emergence of the wood fuelled energy sector, both organisations and their respective industries are seeing their supply from the waste stream being squeezed.

“Reclaimed wood is a vital input raw material to the wood panel industry and maintaining supply in light of the economic downturn and the emergence of new users is proving challenging,” said WPIF chairman Gavin Adkins.

Mr Adkins believes that working with the WRA will help both organisations promote the advantages of wood recycling – and help both sectors move forward.

“Speeding up the decline in wood going to landfill and encouraging the take up of RDW (refuse derived waste) will help to offset future wood supply issues,” he said.

WRA chairman Clem Spencer said both industries are suffering as a result of the economic downturn. “But,” he added, “it’s at times like this when you need to share thoughts and work together to promote, particularly to government, the environmental and economic benefits of wood recycling.”