Sawmill Manager

21 June 2023

“Entrepreneur who loves wood and who does not want to work in an office”.

Winton Estate, half an hour from Edinburgh, has over 800 acres of mixed woodland. We’re looking for a
creative sawmiller to join the forestry team to enable profitable, sustainable forestry by adding value to the
harvested timber. A century of three growth suggests something special inside.

Job outline
Plans to extend the existing firewood processing means there is a vacancy for a manager to implement this
and to develop an intermediate scale mill linked directly to the woods. It’s your job to get the most out of
harvested timber with an experienced eye for what lies beneath the bark. You are running an enterprise with
ambition and will be handling more than just the timber.

Management experience is needed to size up, refine and improve the existing processing business (currently
c500 tonnes of firewood and c300 tonnes chipwood) and plan the milling work.

Know your markets and your customers to deliver on expectations. You’ll likely seek to supply markets for
cladding, decking, structural post & beam, furniture along with firewood & chipwood. Introducing a kiln for
drying sawn timber and firewood may be a logical progression.

Programming supply to match demand will draw on an ability to plan for delivery of the raw material,
processing and drying time as well as deliveries. Estate timber will be the first port of call, but managed
sustainably, it’s likely this will need to be supplemented with imported timber. You’ll be keen to meet
production targets.

Teamwork and communication are vital for this role. The existing team of foresters will be on hand initially to
assist but in time you’ll assume to form a team.

Competitor analysis you undertake will hopefully offer assurance to you because you’ll be right on it as you
develop a brand. Quality assurance will be taken for granted and enable compliance for Wood Assurance

Sales and Marketing should not be foreign to you, even if you decide to delegate duties to others. This will
include the estate website and social media with a customer-friendly method for sales and deliveries.
Financial analysis will be a given so you can take satisfaction when your budget numbers are exceeded; you’ll
also be quick off the mark to react when the numbers indicate change is required.

General skills
Machinery: You will require familiarity and respect for most machines, including chain saws. Sawmilling
experience will be a preference though training can be supplied. Machinery repairs in-house will be beneficial.
Timber grading: Know your wood – what it is and what it can become with your skill.

Flexibility: You can (and enjoy to) multi-task – Experience within a manufacturing, or similar production
environment, would be advantageous.

Health & Safety: This must receive the attention and buy-in it deserves without question.
Fitness: This is a physically demanding job, requiring concentration to ensure safe working around heavy
machinery. Whilst not officially in the job spec, caber-tossing features in our highland games and estate
foresters have been known to help out.

The sawmill will be built at the existing woodyard by Winton Castle, Winton Estate, Pencaitland. Winton is an
integrated estate with interest beyond forestry in farming, let property, gardening, ranger work, hospitality
and general estate management.
Sawmill Manager will require close liaison with the foreman forester and factor.
There is support from administration, HR & finance colleagues.
Terms & Conditions
Hours: Your hours of work will total 39 per week (Mon-Fri) averaged over the year.
Holidays: 28 days including public holidays rising to 30 after 5 years.
Salary: Competitive salary, dependent upon experience.
Start date: 4th September2023.
To Apply
Please send your C.V. and covering letter to
Closing date: 22nd June 2023.