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March 2021


Sales grow despite second lockdown
03 March 2021 Builders’ merchants saw their year-on-year sales grow by 9% in November, in spite of Covid-19 restrictions

February 2021


The natural choice
24 February 2021 Cladding suppliers put surging sales down to a home refurbishment boom and growing demand for sustainable building products. Mike Jeffree reports

May the force be with you
24 February 2021 Sansin has released its new WoodForce system

Coatings keep it covered
24 February 2021 As the UK acclimatises to lockdown number three, the coatings and finishes sector reflects on 2020, a year that, in terms of trade at least, proved better than expected. Sally Spencer reports

Recovery continues apace
24 February 2021 The latest TTF statistics show an increase in imports in the month of October

Round the clock cladding
24 February 2021 Cladding companies saw surging demand in 2020, and the TDCA sees the market continuing to grow and evolve, writes marketing manager Barbara Westmoreland

Rings master
24 February 2021 Bona products were used in a unique flooring project that mimics the growth rings of a tree

A black barn that’s 100% green
24 February 2021 IRO Timber cladding gives a new house a ‘contemporary rustic’ look that will last

TRA tackles skills crisis
24 February 2021 The Trussed Rafter Association explains its latest training and recruitment initiatives

Timber triumphs
24 February 2021 The Wood Awards 2020 recognised six structures and three furniture products that represent the best of British architecture and product design in timber

Shingles market shapes up
24 February 2021 SR Timber trading director Shaun Revill sees construction sector carbon targets boosting the shingles market

For better or for worse?
24 February 2021 2020 was a tumultuous year, but will 2021 be better or worse? TTJ asked key players in the industry how they think the year may pan out

Timber sales shine in October
24 February 2021 The latest BMBI report reveals that builders merchants have seen strong timber sales

Shingles shine in treetop showcase
24 February 2021 Cedar shingles contribute to both the looks and environmental credentials of a high level holiday cottage

Fencing becomes all-season market
24 February 2021 Any sense of seasonal trends has gone as demand for fencing continued throughout 2020. Keren Fallwell reports

January 2021


Continuing trend
12 January 2021 The latest TTF statistics show the recovery in import volumes continued into Q3

Builders’ merchants’ sales surge in September
04 January 2021 Sales at builders’ merchants picked up in Q3, with the biggest gains seen in landscaping products, including decking, fencing and gates

December 2020


Top tips for training
23 December 2020 Daltons Wadkin operator trainer Warren Handley has 36 years’ experience working and training in the woodworking industry and shares his insight into how manufacturers can deliver their expertise safely to customers, clients, and colleagues in the Covid era

Science Fact
23 December 2020 The WTS’s annual conference went online this year, providing plenty of technical information and room for discussion. Sally Spencer reports

Connected by design
23 December 2020 AHEC’s latest creative project was about sustainability, lockdown and stunning design in American hardwood, writes European director David Venables