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It’s not rocket science!
24 August, 2017
Wood Technology Society chairman John Park questions why so many in the timber trade cannot get a grip on the EU Construction Products Regulation
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From boat yard To timber yard 24 August, 2017 Richard Bagnall didn’t set out to spend his working life in the timber trade, but a temporary stintrunning Robbins Timber in the mid-80s turned into a much-loved career. Sally Spencer reports
Traders tee off 24 August, 2017 UK timber traders once again turned out in force to support the industry’s premier golfing event – the TTBS National Golf
Building the future 24 August, 2017 TTJ will host a timber construction roundtable in central London this autumn to debate how this growing sector can help meet the government’s housing targets. Stephen Powney reports
Flegt boosts civil society self-help 24 August, 2017 After playing a key role in implementing their country’s FLEGT Voluntary Partnership Agreement with the EU, Indonesian civil society groups are sharing experiences with counterparts in other countries engaged in the initiative. Mike Jeffree reports
UK warms to wood fibre 24 August, 2017 The UK market for wood fibre is some way behind Europe, but it does have potential for growth. Keren Fallwell reports
Making a Posi-tive change 24 August, 2017 Jonathan Fellingham, managing director of Donaldson Timber Engineering, discusses how small design changes had a big impact for a small development in Fife
Aiming for the heights 24 August, 2017 “Aim high” is the Trussed Rafter Association’s theme for 2017 and the achievements for the association so far reflect that. But there’s no time for standing still as the climb to be the voice of the industry never stops
Offsite is on trend 24 August, 2017 The STA says there has never been more enthusiasm for offsite manufacture and it is reminding government that the structural timber sector is ready and waiting to help solve the housing shortage. Sally Spencer reports
French building revolution 26 July, 2017 Within the next few years, France will have 36 demonstration multi-storey wood buildings acting as models for architects and contractors. Mike Jeffree reports
Cruise Control 26 July, 2017 Customers and staff of South London Timber enjoyed a river cruise to celebrate the company’s 30th anniversary. Stephen Powney reports
Making The grade in Timber grading 26 July, 2017 Can you visually grade timber rejected by a grading machine? This is the question asked by Daniel Ridley-Ellis, head of the Centre for Wood Science and Technology
Oil palm wood - an untapped resource 26 July, 2017 The much-maligned oil palm plantations in Asia may provide a major source of wood raw material in the years to come if the PalmwoodNet project succeeds in its mission to make the species a commercially usable timber. Stephen Powney reports

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