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Sound proof
26 November, 2014
The success of last month’s W14 reflected the stable recovery in the timber industry. Keren Fallwell reports
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Koppers plated preservation 19 November, 2014 Koppers Performance Chemicals is expecting to make great gains, thanks to its game changing MicroPro and the latest addition to its Celcure range, Celcure C4. Sally Spencer reports
Climate talks yield new opportunities 19 November, 2014 Dave Hopkins, executive director of Wood for Good, says the EU’s targets for emissions reduction and energy efficiency should be welcomed by the timber industry.
The life scientific 19 November, 2014 BASF Wolman has revamped its brand and improved efficiency at its Baden-Baden site. Keren Fallwell reports
Timbmet grows from the roots up 19 November, 2014 It’s not yet the pre-eminent timber business it wants to be, but Timbmet is on the way and determined to get there. Mike Jeffree reports.
Capitalising on a capital location 19 November, 2014 Importer and merchant C Blumsom has evolved with its London home and, like the city, it’s thriving. Mike Jeffree reports.
Mixing the old and the new 19 November, 2014 Does the apparent rush for standardisation in mouldings mean the end of bespoke production? Camilla Hair of Snows Timber investigates.
Expo comes of age 19 November, 2014 Last month’s Timber Expo saw an increase in visitor numbers and there was a buzz of optimismamong exhibitors. Sally Spencer reports
More Shelf Room 19 November, 2014 Timber is an important sector for German racking manufacturer Ohra.
All rise 19 November, 2014 The rise in UK housebuilding is benefiting German machinery manufacturer Hundegger. Keren Fallwell reports.
Exports save the day 19 November, 2014 With their domestic market in the relative doldrums, German manufacturers are pinning many of their hopes on exports. Robin Meade reports.
LVL moves to next level 19 November, 2014 German hardwood sawmiller Pollmeier has invested in panel production equipment to help it manufacture what it calls the ultimate high strength wood product. Stephen Powney reports.
Building products 19 November, 2014 Modern wood products from Germany continue to be in high demand in the UK and around the globe for construction, interior finishing and furniture production. Dr Thorsten Mrosek of international marketing platform Wood Germany explains.

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