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Building on solid foundations
22 December, 2014
Wood for Good executive director Dave Hopkins looks back at a year of real progress and forwards to exciting times ahead for the communications campaign
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Designs on timber 22 December, 2014 Innovation, sustainability and design excellence are celebrated in this year's Wood Awards Ireland. Sally Spencer reports.
Aesthetics and applications 22 December, 2014 In this year’s Wood Awards there was much to admire in the beauty and technical application of timber and equally satisfying were the judges’ observations that what was once considered innovative is now being used widely. Keren Fallwell reports.
What’s a FLEGT VPA worth? 22 December, 2014 A new market analysis initiative will assess the potential European tropical timber market value of licensing under the EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade scheme. Mike Jeffree reports.
Sustainability and sales are key 22 December, 2014 Ensuring sustainable wood supplies and defending and developing their market are mutually dependent imperatives for the tropical timber trade, according to speakers at the ATIBT International Forum. Mike Jeffree reports.
Timber on the menu 22 December, 2014 Timber continues to be, literally, the base for kitchens. Keren Fallwell reports on current design trends
Despatches from the Malaysian forest 22 December, 2014 Turnstone Singapore’s Michael Buckley recently visited Malaysia and discovered a country that is keen to make the most of its timber resource but that also values its environment.
Widening the scope 22 December, 2014 WWF-UK’s Forest Campaign aims to influence the business community, the public and the government on sustainability issues – and to encourage a tightening up of the EUTR. Sally Spencer reports.
Austrian outlook 22 December, 2014 Austria may be one of the smaller European countries but its timber industry punches above its weight. Robin Meade reports.
Sound proof 26 November, 2014 The success of last month’s W14 reflected the stable recovery in the timber industry. Keren Fallwell reports
Koppers plated preservation 19 November, 2014 Koppers Performance Chemicals is expecting to make great gains, thanks to its game changing MicroPro and the latest addition to its Celcure range, Celcure C4. Sally Spencer reports
Climate talks yield new opportunities 19 November, 2014 Dave Hopkins, executive director of Wood for Good, says the EU’s targets for emissions reduction and energy efficiency should be welcomed by the timber industry.
The life scientific 19 November, 2014 BASF Wolman has revamped its brand and improved efficiency at its Baden-Baden site. Keren Fallwell reports

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