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January 2020


Falling timber prices hit fencing sector
28 January 2020 Fencing timber has fallen victim to the weaker prices that dogged structural timber for much of 2019

December 2019


Highway to Hardwood Market growth
18 December 2019 Last month’s International Hardwood Conference demonstrated a new energy and focus in the sector. Mike Jeffree reports

Tougher times ahead
18 December 2019 An over abundance of European and Scandinavian softwood combined with Brexit worries have impacted demand and forced sawn timber prices down for Irish mills. Sally Spencer reports

October 2019


Little Change in Chipboard Trading
23 October 2019 There is a mix of views on the current state of the UK chipboard market but whatever the perspective, no-one is using positive superlatives. Keren Fallwell reports

Challenges all round for softwood
23 October 2019 Trade in softwood has been tumultuous this year but this month may see more stability. Jerry Wilson reports

September 2019


Brisk business sums up year to date
17 September 2019 It’s been a good year for fencing, while the pallet sector witnessed a boom in demand in the first quarter thanks to pre-Brexit stockpiling. Sally Spencer reports

August 2019


Report shows low US hardwood risk
26 August 2019 New evaluation of the American hardwood sector will strengthen customer confidence in its environmental credentials. Mike Jeffree reports

Time to run a tight ship
21 August 2019 Traders are in little doubt Brexit is hitting hardwood market confidence. Mike Jeffree reports

July 2019


Imports erode MDF price gains
29 July 2019 UK demand for MDF is stable, if unremarkable, but European imports are putting downward pressure on prices. Keren Fallwell reports

June 2019


Swedish mills positive despite UK oversupply
17 June 2019 The UK is the largest export market for Swedish softwood, but an oversupply at UK ports is depressing prices. Stephen Powney talks to the Swedish Forest Industries Federation about its current take on markets and the health of its sawmilling industry

May 2019


Timber prices soften
16 May 2019 Our latest market update on the fencing and pallets sector sees a lot more stability and even downward pressure on raw material prices, while good weather has also provided a welcome boost to demand, reports Stephen Powney.

Traders resigned to flat market
15 May 2019 A combination of weaker demand around the world and oversupply has softened the market for plywood and OSB. Traders are hoping a Brexit decision in October and traditional autumn demand will lift business. Keren Fallwell reports

Brexit hits hardwood
15 May 2019 Brexit and a global slowdown are creating competitive conditions in the UK hardwood sector. Mike Jeffree reports.

April 2019


Global uncertainty hits confidence
22 April 2019 Finnish mills are satisfied with demand but political events around the world have the potential to cause some disruption. Keren Fallwell reports

Softwood futures
22 April 2019 This year’s Timber Trade Federation (TTF) UK Softwood Conference attracted a large audience keen to hear about the market’s potential direction amid the continuing political and economic uncertainty, reports Stephen Powney

February 2019


Unbowed by brexit
12 February 2019 Regardless of political and economic uncertainty, some hardwood traders are still budgeting for growth. Mike Jeffree reports

December 2018


Hoping for the best
17 December 2018 The future of Anglo-Irish trade is in the hands of the politicians at the moment, causing a great deal of uncertainty. Sally Spencer reports

November 2018


All change on softwood market
22 November 2018 The softwood market is very dynamic, with the US/China tariff war, concerns about Brexit and log supply issues all playing their part. Jerry Wilson reports

October 2018


Brexit concerns start to bite
25 October 2018 The chipboard sector has had its challenges and Brexit is looming large. Andrew Tunnicliffe reports

Making the most of challenging times
25 October 2018 Business in the joinery sector under the “shadow of Brexit” may be more stop start and capital investment may be patchy but manufacturers still see opportunities to drive market share. Mike Jeffree reports