DTE in Hundegger investment

17 May 2018

DTE Ltd has installed a Hundegger Turbo Drive for processing Truss components at its facility in Ashford, Kent.

The Turbo Drive, which replaced an existing four bladed machine, is networked linked directly to MiTek Sapphire software, which combined with the functionality of the Hundegger Cambium software is processing and optimising the job files, preparing the processing order, and Inkjet printing text.

“Turbo Drive’s productivity has exceeded all the expectations, and now they are able to be well ahead of the Truss pressing departments production,” said Ed Kirk, UK operations director of DTE.

Mr Kirk said the Hundegger would enable DTE to increase productivity in Ashford. He said DTE were also seeing additional benefits such as better material utilisation, extreme length and angle accuracy, meaning little to no reworking back from the Press dept.

Hundegger UK has recently taken its 20th order for the Turbo Drive machine in the UK since 2016, with some customers ordering second and third machines.