FSC welcomes Danzer progress towards reassociation

5 February 2014

FSC International has praised hardwood timber and veneer producer Danzer’s efforts so far to fulfill requirements necessary for it to become an FSC member again.

The Swiss-based company’s membership was suspended by FSC in May last year, effectively meaning it lost the right to supply FSC-certified timber from its own managed forests or others.

The FSC’s decision followed an outbreak of violence between local people and authorities in Yaliska, a concession area of the Democratic Republic of Congo managed by former Danzer subsidiary Siforco, with the latter adjudged to have failed in its conflict resolution obligations.

Danzer has since agreed a process for reassociation with FSC and contracted research institute Swisspeace to carry out a review.

“FSC welcomes the focused progression demonstrated by Danzer as well as the constructive attitude and overall transparency in their various actions,” FSC International said.

Danzer’s latest progress report and the publication of a conflict sensitivity due diligence manual shows how it is working towards FSC’s conditions for reassociation - including the construction of a school, health centre and road for the Yaliska community. A Swisspeace final report of its mission to help Danzer and Siforco has also been published.

Independent third-party verifier the Forest Peoples Programme will now verify that conditions have been met on the ground in Yaliska, while Danzer will submit a final report to the FSC Board in March. “In the case of full compliance, approved by the FSC Board, Danzer may apply for subsequent reassociation,” FSC said.