Pasquill aids Truss House project to combat homes shortage

7 September 2018

Nationwide roof truss manufacturer Pasquill has supplied truss materials for the Truss House project, an initiative from timber engineers Sylvan Stuart, Construction Scotland Innovation Centre (CSIC), and Robert Gordons University.

The Truss House project aims to develop and prove the structural and thermal properties of an attic frame house for rural locations, providing a solution to the shortage of affordable homes in rural communities.

The initiative involves the conceptual design and development of a house product to provide a super structure and envelope for an entire house - including the floors, walls and roof.

The total project value is over £100k, with the CSIC contributing £50k towards the scheme.

Pasquill will be supporting the project development by providing truss products for testing purposes.

“Pasquill and Saint-Gobain are proud members of the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre in Hamilton, and as a business we are always looking at various new methods of construction and technology,” said Ross Baxter, MD of Pasquill and International Timber.