Russia’s lumber export growth not compensating for decline in log exports

17 March 2014

Russia’s increase in lumber exports has not yet compensated for the decline in log exports that followed the introduction of higher log export tariffs in 2007, according to Wood Resource Quarterly.

The log export tax led to Russia's share of globally traded logs declining from 44% in 2006 to 15% in 2013.

By 2013 only one-third of the log volume exported at the peak level six years ago was shipped to foreign markets.

Russia has now fallen behind New Zealand and the US for log export volumes.

The softwood log export tariffs were reduced to 13-15% after Russia joined the World Trade Organisation in 2012.

Softwood lumber export values have increased about US$300m in 2006-2013, meaning the total value of exported logs and lumber was 27% lower last year than 2006 (before the log tariff was introduced).