Salvador to set up Polish factory

19 June 2016

Salvador is to establish a new factory in Poland for building entry-level machines.

The strategic decision to launch the new production facility entirely dedicated to the manufacture of entry-level machines follows growing demand for the company’s machines.

The new unit will also allow Salvador to structure a more “industrial” manufacturing process with volumes which are expected to be interesting.

Poland was chosen as it is a good market for Salvador and because the company has made a series of production contacts there that have laid the groundwork for manufacture of “Salvador Easy” machines.

“For some time now we have realised that more and more people are interested in the semi-automatic crosscutting saws and in the pusher optimizing saws,” said Salvador director Christian Salvador.

“That’s why we decided to increase our attention to “entry level” solutions, so as to have the necessary tools – a good quality, extremely reliable production machine productive at a tempting price – to show that this is the way to go and conquer new market shares among the small and medium-sized woodworking companies”.

The UK is Salvador’s third largest export market. Garden building manufacturer Mercia Garden Products Ltd, based in North Nottinghamshire, has cut six million metres of shiplap, cladding and framing in the first 12 months since its Salvador crosscut saw was installed and on one occasion recorded 37,000 metres in one day.

Its model is a Super push 250 Optimising Saw with twin aligners, 6200 mm indeed pusher, 150 mm cutting depth and a chain side loading system.

Salvador is building an entry-level machine factory in Poland