SCM Live Show set for July streaming

2 June 2020

International woodworking event will live stream from 30 June to 2 July 2020 with an extensive programme of live sessions and webinars.

While so many other events are being cancelled or postponed SCM LIVE SHOW will present its latest technologies to industry and companies using new tools and multimedia channels.

The Italian Group has prepared a programme of live link-ups and webinars which will allow participants to be a part of the technological change, from all over the world via the web and interact with SCM experts. From the Technology Center in Rimini and other Group plants, the presenters will illustrate what's new for each wood machining process as well as the most important market trends.

"We are experiencing a period of dramatic changes and SCM is transforming a need, that of maintaining relations with partnering businesses, into a genuine digital strategy," said SCM wood division manager, Luigi De Vito.

"Over the last few months, we have been doing this by continuing to guarantee and optimise all our maintenance activities, assistance and training remotely with our digital tools and services, and we do so with even greater conviction today, by organising a unique event at world level such as the "SCM Live Show". The technological innovation which has always distinguished SCM with its increasingly performing, flexible and evolved solutions, will combine with a communicative and multimedia innovation, ready to mark a new page in the history of wood processing".

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